On the Record


On the Record is available in three options:

  1. 1,200-page spiral-bound paperback in three volumes.
  2. A free downloadable PDF ebook.
  3. A package of both the paperback and the PDF.

You may choose one of the three options in the drop-down menu below.

PAPERBACK – Each of the three volumes covers 20 days of the 60-day legislative. The text is taken directly from the official transcript of the Nebraska Legislature, assembled and printed by the legislative transcribers of the Clerk of the Legislature. You will see the unedited transcript of the proceedings and specific references to the legislative day. The numbers accompanying the day refer to the page in the official legislative transcript from which the speech is taken. The three volumes together weigh about 8 pounds and require careful packaging, as reflected in the shipping cost.

PDF EBOOK – The PDF includes all the text from the paperback. The PDF is free, though we do ask for a freewill contribution on the cart page. Any contribution allows us to produce more of the printed volumes and place them in libraries around the country.